Jordan McGregor from Bare + Boho

Q&A with Jordan Mcgregor from Bare + Boho

What is your name? Jordan Mcgregor

Where can we reach you?


Facebook @bareandboho

Instagram @bareandboho

What is the name of your business? Bare and Boho

Where are you based? Ipswich, QLD

Describe your business in a few words. Designer Reusable cloth wares for Mums and Bubs, to encourage minimalist and eco-conscious living. 
Featuring our best-selling products including our Reusable Cloth Nappies, Swimwear and Cloth Pads.

Why did you start your business? Bare and Boho was inspired by a love of reusable cloth items during my journey as a new mother. 

I began designing my own range of products based on needs I had with my son, and curated a minimalist range of items. 
Due to interest in my local community of mothers for my products and designs, I decided to launch publicly in 2017 and have been growing ever since!

What were you doing before you started your biz? I studied Diplomacy and Foreign Relations at university, with a focus on foreign language and politics. I always wanted to explore this, but life had other plans and we moved to Tropical North QLD and that is where we had our son, and dedicated time to career changes for both my husband and myself.

What has been your biggest challenge in business so far? Balance. 
Finding that suitable and sustainable balance between a business growing very fast and high levels of interest globally, and maintaining a healthy personal life balance as a mother to a toddler and wife. 
It is all challenging but exciting venture!

What do you love the most about being your own boss? I love that my son is with me, we can work flexible hours, and still maintain the lifestyle that suits us.

I love being able to share what excites and interests me as a mother, a wife and as a conscious community member.

What would you do differently if given the chance? The last year we have experienced extreme growth, very rapidly. I would love to have been able to foreplan for this, and give myself the help I needed sooner to ensure we had things under control.

However, very thankful for this growth and all the learning that was part of it!

In your opinion, what is the secret to a successful business? Ensuring you are offering something unique, being honest, staying humble and ensuring your mind and goal is always grounded in the “WHY” behind this venture to begin with.

Looking at ways to ensure sustainable growth, and keeping up with what consumers are wanting and needing in this age of growing conscious consumerism.

What advice do you have for our readers who want to be their own boss or are running their own small biz? Find your niche, know your focal ethical pillars and be real about what is important.

Don’t fall into a trap of being focused on money, but rather start small and within your means, and grow slowly and sustainably.

Ensuring you keep doing things you love to maintain a healthy balance!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? A thriving yet sustainable business that continues to listen to consumer needs and wants.

Raising another child, and surrounded by rescue animals, living back on the coast or enjoying our country acreage lifestyle.

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