Q&A with Cherie Clonan from The Digital Picnic

Cherie Clonan and her team from The Digital Picnic

What is your name? Cherie Clonan

Website www.thedigitalpicnic.com.au

Facebook www.facebook.com/TheDigitalPicnic

Instagram @thedigitalpicnic

What is the name of your business? The Digital Picnic

Where are you based? Melbourne HQs, but Australia-wide training

Describe your business in a few words. The Digital Picnic is a digital marketing agency based in Melbourne, which offers Australia-wide social media training for small to large business owners. Teaching good social media? … our jam.

Why did you start your business? In all honesty? I’d been in the industry for some time, and had built a good reputation for myself [taking out various digital marketing awards etc.], so what was happening was that various friends and acquaintances were beginning to ask me out for coffee, in exchange for social media marketing advice. I realised, wow, people are *hungry* for this information, so why wouldn’t I pack it all into one-day workshops on various social media marketing topics that’ll ultimately propel their businesses forward once they implement those teachings. That was x4 years ago now, and I’ve never looked back 🙂

What were you doing before you started your biz? I was in digital marketing, and specialising in online retail.

What has been your biggest challenge in business so far? Like anyone who’s come out the other side of a failed business partnership? … I’d say it was managing that unhealthy partnership. They were some of my darkest days, without fail.What do you love the most about being your own boss?Oh my gosh, this is *easy* … I get to be the change I hoped for in this industry. I want to leave behind a legacy. I want to shake this industry UP. I want to add value to it. But mostly? I want to make an incredibly positive impact on the people TDP’s chooses to employ, and their lives [both personally, and professionally]. Every single week? I feel so happy, and high, and PROUD of the fact that I know I’m kicking some seriously big goals with regards to all of the above.

What would you do differently if given the chance? Literally the only thing I wish I’d done differently? It’d be to go *into* business ownership with the same level of confidence as I possess now, because every one of my business mistakes is a direct result of a lack of confidence on my part. I’m so different now [x4 years in] compared to then, but realistically? I think it’s taken some of those fails to build my confidence to what it is now.

In your opinion, what is the secret to a successful business? Gosh, it really is so unique to each and every business, but I’d say the secret to *our* successful business is an incredibly optimistic Founder [i.e me]. It really does take a special kinda optimism to pull off business ownership, i.e from the outset? You have to a) believe in your concept, and b) continuously believe in it [even in the sh*t times]. Our Business Advisor says it’s a founder’s optimism that’s the make or break, and I was instantaneously grateful that I was just one of those kids that was legit. born optimistic, ha!

What advice do you have for our readers who want to be their own boss or are running their own small biz? Honestly? … just do it. Too many sit on their ideas, and it’s all paralysis by analysis, and paralysed by perfectionism, and not enough risk-taking, but to that I say, JUST DO IT. Perhaps it’s that aforementioned optimism, but man, you’ll never know if you don’t try. x4 years ago, I could never have *dreamt* this would be my full-time job, and not only pay myself, but also pay x7 people [plus sub-contractors] in 2019. You’ve just gotta DO IT.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? Deliriously. Feckin’. HAPPY. ha! Jokes aside, I see more work/life balance, a higher income driven from the hard work I put in, debt-free, and HAPPY.

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