Product recommendations Levicute Skin Care

Product Recommendation: Levicute Skin Care

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Usually when I put on a face mask I notice little to no difference in the before and after, but I keep up with my weekly at-home facials as a part of my self-care routine because it’s good for me, right?

Well a few months ago I was gifted a jar of Levicute vegan face masks to try and now, I’m a little concerned I’ve been wasting my money all these years because this new stuff has my skin looking a whole new level of amazing. I have fallen in love with this product so much (and the people behind the brand) that I have since looked for every opportunity to collaborate with them (which may have scored me some extra product along the way, so you wont find me complaining ;)), including having the Levicute team along for my launch event in May to give all our attendees a treat.

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Natural Vegan Face Masks

So what makes this stuff so freaking amazing?

For starters it’s made out of natural, vegan ingredients that are designed and manufactured in Australia. Currently Levicute offer two products which have been such a wild success that they are now working on expanding their range (sorry bank account, you’re about to take a bit of a beating!). Dr Julie and Dr Tony have worked together to formulate these products using naturally bioactive ingredients including seaweed and clay. Check out their inspiring story here.

Detoxifying Charcoal Clay Mask

If you tend to get the odd break out or your skin just needs a quick detox the charcoal clay mask by Levicute is just what you need. It’s ingredients include kaolin clay, avocado oil and shea butter oil which have a range of known benefits for your skin and will leave your face feeling fresh and hydrated.

Brightening Seaweed Mask

The seaweed mask is my personal favourite and one that I pop on every Sunday while hiding from the kids in a relaxing magnesium bath. It hydrates my skin, takes the redness out of my face and makes my pores visibly smaller. My skin soaks this mask up as soon as it’s applied, it’s absolutely become a must-have skin care product in my house!

If you have combination skin or certain parts of your face are more problematic than others you can mix and match these two products and apply to the areas that need it the most with one of Levicute’s gentle mask brushes.

Dr Tony, Dr Julie and Terressa are so passionate about their brand and providing a high quality product to their customers that they have offered our readers a MASSIVE 20% off when you use the code COLDCOFFEETRIBE at checkout.

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