Inspirational Mums with Vanessa Geraghty

Inspirational Mums with Vanessa Geraghty

My journey as a business owner with a young child in tow

Hi I’m Vanessa,

And I thought I would share with you my story about having a baby at 40, being made redundant, and starting a marketing business and building it to six figures in revenue over the first 12 months.

From corporate high flyer to 40 year old Mom

I am originally from Dublin in Ireland, but I moved to Perth, Western Australia nearly 10 years ago, and I am married to an Australian. I had a baby girl at the age of 40; she will be 4 in February. So I took a year off work to enjoy being a first time Mom, and during that year I decided I didn’t want to go back to the corporate world, as I just wasn’t fulfilled and the hours were long and stressful.

I had worked in corporate marketing for 15+ years at that stage for brands such as Coca-Cola, Nestle, BP and Cadbury. However I went back to work after 1 year’s maternity leave, just part time as I hadn’t figured out what my business was going to be. But then in December 2016 I was made redundant from my part time marketing role. I was delighted, but my bank balance wasn’t! 

Redundancy to taking over a business
Now at the time I was made redundant, I was running a part time personal training business, which I had run since 2010 as a passion project of mine. So I jumped into making that a full time business.

But then as fate would have it, I started doing some contract marketing consulting for a lady who was running a small marketing consultancy business. And the opportunity in July 2017 came up to take over this business as she got offered a full time job and didn’t enjoy running a small business. The business had a very small client base, but the opportunity was too good to pass up, even though my daughter was only 2 at the time. I decided to go for it! 

The launch of Vivacity Marketing
I rebranded the business, and positioned it in the niches of health, beauty, finance and travel and 18 months ago I launched my marketing consulting, marketing coaching and digital marketing business called Vivacity Marketing. I am hugely passionate about helping small business owners succeed. I kept on running my part time personal training business for the first 9 months while I was in building mode, so on very little sleep I managed to build both businesses. 

Having a young child and running a business
my daughter was never a great sleeper, and she had a tough time teething. So the first 3 years of her life are a sleepless blur. So my main struggle launching this new business was definitely lack of sleep. My husband works late most evenings as a Chiropractor so it was long working days and then caring for my daughter on top of that.

She was in daycare 3 days per week so I have had to make that work. Which I did. I was lucky that I have very supportive parents in law who minded my daughter any time I had to go to an evening networking event, as a huge part of my business has been build via relationship building at various events I attend.  

The highs and lows
I have had definite mental highs and lows in my business where through sheer exhaustion I didn’t know if I could keep pushing ahead. But I found the strength to. I had some days where I was on the floor crying, and other days where I was going from strength to strength and I just had to roll with it. My daughter won’t be young forever and things will get easier, but I wouldn’t change any of it. I think as Moms we have an amazing ability to push through and find inner strength to just keep moving forward.  

So what is Vivacity Marketing all about?
I know that many business owners are great at their given talent which is why they start a business. But when it comes to marketing their business, I see that they are wasting money on activities that simply don’t work.  They need to start with the basics which is creating a marketing strategy and plan for their business, and do some research.  

I wanted to make working with me accessible no matter what a small business owners budget may be, so as a result I have 3 ways business owners can work with me:  

1. Marketing School – Online marketing coaching for start ups in their first 1 – 2 years in business, which is an affordable monthly membership. It’s video tutorials with workbooks, Facebook support group, an accountability buddy, monthly Zoom calls and quarterly face to face meet ups.
2. Marketing Coaching – 1 on 1 marketing coaching for businesses that are 1-2+ years in business. I coach them once per month to help with their unique challenges in their business.
3. Digital Marketing & Marketing Strategy – This is the digital marketing part of my business where I write marketing strategies and plans for my clients and then they can outsource the digital marketing activities to my team – Facebook Ads, Google Ads, SEO, web design, landing pages, email marketing, content marketing etc. 

Giving back with my business
I am passionate about giving back through the success of my business, so I support 5 charities with my business. Over the past 18 months I have gifted/donated $4,000 to the charities.

My team of freelancers and partnership with my digital agency

I have one part time marketing consultant working with me now, and I am partners with a wholesale digital agency that works with 30+ Marketing Consultants around the world and they are the digital arm to my business. They are fantastic and we can bounce ideas off each o there all the time so it’s great to have them as my support crew.

I work also with 7 freelancers in Perth for a range of services such as photography, videos, social media, web design, copywriting etc. I want to support as many local businesses as I can by using them in a freelance capacity. That makes me a one stop marketing shop. 

A gap in the market
Marketing School my online program launched in October 2018, as I saw there was a real gap in the market, there didn’t seems to be any marketing course/membership that you could do on an ongoing basis to keep on learning. And at a really affordable monthly price.

I thought it would just get boring if the members had to listen to my Irish accent all the time, so I have organised guest presenters to do some of the lessons also from the US, UK, and Australia which is really exciting.

I love coaching small business owners, since I am also a qualified Personal Trainer so coaching is in my blood! In the past year alone I have worked with 60 small businesses across all of my programs and I plan on growing this again in 2019. 

Get in touch
Thanks for reading and if you want to reach out to me in any way all my contact details can be found below.  Thanks, Vanessa x

Vanessa Geraghty McGann.

Founder – Vivacity Marketing



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