How to save money & care for your lash extensions

How to save money & care for your lash extensions

My love of lash extensions is no secret, I’ve never been one for applying makeup every morning (#lazy) and as a busy Mum, I love hacks that make me look and feel better without the effort!

Having eyelash extensions has boosted my confidence, but they are an investment. And if you don’t have an experienced and knowledgeable lash technician (that’s what they’re called, right?), you can end up losing a few too many of your natural lashes and having to exercise that patience while they grow back. Our lashes do go through a growth cycle, like the hair on our heads so some loss is to be expected, but I know from experience that our hearts break a little every time a few lashes are lost!

So how can you look fabulous, have nice and healthy lashes and save a few bucks?

Firstly choose your salon wisely. Ask friends for recommendations, read reviews and look at pictures of their previous work, this should give you a pretty good indication of the quality of their work. Secondly, don’t choose the cheapest option, you really do get what you pay for. If you’re in the Darling Downs region I recommend Lash HQ in Toowoomba. Check out how amazing their work is here.

As for maintaining these beauties, I’ll run through a few bits and pieces I’ve been using from Lash Junk to extend the time between infills and reduce the amount of lashes I lose.

Brushing your lash extensions 

Using your little lash brushes (I think I have more stashed in my bag than I could count on two hands right now), gently brush your lashes after the shower or first thing in the morning. This helps to keep them clean and looking fresh.

Cleansing your lash extensions

Lash Junk have specifically designed a beautiful konjac sponge infused with charcoal and their own line of lash and brow foaming cleanser that can be easily used in the shower. The charcoal is antibacterial, is gentle and perfect for clearing away any dirt and debris, while also helping to foam up your cleanser so you don’t need to use as much product. The charcoal sponge is THE answer to lash retention.

Protecting your lashes while you sleep

Some people may experience loss of their lashes if they tend to favour one side over the other while they sleep, or if their bedding is made of cotton as this is known to dry out the skin and be rough on your lashes. Sheree from Lash HQ recommends using a silk-based eye mask to combat this issue which also has the added benefit of blocking out the light which has been a god-send for me!

Because the silk helps to retain moisture (also great for your complexion!), and is soft and smooth, your lashes will last and you’ll look fabulous for longer 😉

Head to my YouTube video here to see these products in action and don’t forget to drop me a comment with all your lash queries below.

Lea Sharp is a blogger and entrepreneur in Toowoomba, QLD. As a homeschooling Mother of 2 with a history of peri-natal depression and anxiety she is a passionate advocate of maternal mental health and seeks to bring awareness and support to Mums through The Cold Coffee Tribe parenting and lifestyle blog.

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