How to keep the kids engaged and save your sanity on a rainy day

How to keep the kids engaged and save your sanity on a rainy day

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There’s nothing worse than a bored child trapped inside on a rainy day, unless you’ve also run out of coffee but I don’t even want to think about that kind of living hell.

If you’ve got children that can happily play independently for hours, well you could probably teach me a thing or two because my kiddos aren’t quite there yet. Unless you count computer games… that counts right?

In this day and age where technology is the devil, there are loads of ways that you can encourage independent play with no-prep activities. Providing the kids with a loosely structured activity enables them to express their creativity and use their imagination while you sip happily on your coffee in a ‘supervisory’ role and limits the amount of stir crazy tantrums or muddy footprints trekked through the house in rainy weather.

Using supplies that are found around the home or purchased for $2 from Kmart, you can easily throw together an activity that will make it seem like you’ve got this parenthood thing all figured out. Now I’m not going to pretend I know what I’m doing and provide a list of engaging and educational activities because acting like I don’t get all my ideas from other bloggers would be a blatant lie. Let’s not pretend any of these ideas are originals and give the credit to the real hero… Pinterest.

A quick search for kid’s activities and you’ll find a goldmine of sensory box, busy bags and no-prep fun, or head to The Cold Coffee Tribe and check out our Invitation to Play board for enough activity inspo to keep you going all year long.

If you’re an Instagram fan you can’t go past the 3 accounts that have saved my sanity ( and made me feel like a better parent)

Busy Toddler

Susie from Busy Toddler shares easy activities to keep her kids entertained, in her bio she has written ‘I’m just trying to make it to naps each day’, so I know she’s my people. You can grab her Playing Preschool book for 190 days of at home activities here.

Playing with Chanel

Priscila is a Mum and Pediatric Occupational Therapist who structures play-based learning around developmental principles. You’ll find loads of simple activity inspiration to keep your kids occupied on her Instagram account.

Days with Grey

Beth is the creator of Breakfast Invitations, a term that describes a loosely structured activity that is largely child-led and can be set down at the breakfast table for kids to enjoy while Mum prepares a meal, but they’re fantastic ideas for any time of day!

How these ladies come up with so many amazing ideas is beyond me! But I love their authentic approach and the fact that they know to make it as Easy. As. Possible. for us already-exhausted Mummas.

What is your go-to activity for rainy days? Head to The Cold Coffee Tribe Official Group on Facebook and let’s discuss!

Lea Sharp is a blogger and entrepreneur in Toowoomba, QLD. As a homeschooling Mother of 2 with a history of peri-natal depression and anxiety she is a passionate advocate of maternal mental health and seeks to bring awareness and support to Mums through The Cold Coffee Tribe parenting and lifestyle blog.

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