Hey, I'm Lea!

A hot mess Mum, natural health advocate & happiness enthusiast, and I'm determined to make your life a little bit easier *and fun-ner*.

The Cold Coffee Tribe exists to give you community, connection and purpose (and to give me purpose outside of Motherhood so I don't go insane!). What that means is, being a Mum is tough, and it's a whole lot tougher when you feel like you're *alone*... And this is a seriously common theme.

Look, the days of neighbourhood kids playing in the street until the sun goes down are kind of dwindling, and with most of us feeling tired, exhausted, overwhelmed and socialising from behind the computer screen (or smart phone) it can be easy to forget there are others out there who have your back and are going though the same. damn. things. Trust me, you're not the ONLY Mum who screamed at her kid or cried in a corner because you cut the sandwich wrong... AGAIN (seriously though).

So you understand why community and connection are important, where does purpose come into it?

One trap that I found myself sinking into was being too tired and overwhelmed to do things for myself. I had goals, I'm actually a pretty ambitious person! But my brain and body just don't function the way they use to what with all the tantrums (because Mum, clothes are a sin... DUH), packing lunches, cooking, cleaning, trying not to physically harm my husband and just {all the things}.

So I got depressed.

Now I know that a woman needs a sense of purpose, really any human does! Something that lights you up. Yes we love our kids but we need something just-for-us, and for me? That's The Cold Coffee Tribe.
You guys are my light!



Core Values

You know why The Cold Coffee Tribe exists, but what are our values and how do we live and breathe them? Good question!

First let's break them down.

Positive attitude

Core values

The Cold Coffee Tribe cares about people

So basically being a good human being. Trying not to hurt people, considering others' feelings and showing loving kindness.

A sense of community and connection is at the forefront of everything I do through The Cold Coffee Tribe. From the way I show up online, the *realness* in my posts, the graphic tee's that make you laugh and the community events. These are all done with the intention to bring us all together.

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core values

... And about the environment

And among all the venting and #MumTruths, I try my best to maintain a positive attitude because without that we'd have no sanity!

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