About us

A supportive community for Mums

Lea Sharp at Grand Central Toowoomba
Hi, I’m Lea – Mum of 2 and the face behind The Cold Coffee Tribe. But there’s more to me than just Motherhood!
I wear a lot of different hats including Business Owner, Mental Health Advocate and Earring Enthusiast.
I like binge watching Netflix, thrive off of a sense of accomplishment and I’m passionate about supporting Mums to make their lives that little bit easier. But enough about me.
The Cold Coffee Tribe is a safe space for Mums like you. Something that can be just yours, that you don’t have to share with the kids (and don’t have to hide in the pantry to enjoy alone!). See, us women have needs, wants, aspirations and goals and even though it might not seem it at times… they matter! Yes we want to be the best Mother we can be to our little tribes but it’s time to stop wrestling with the Mum guilt whenever we are driven to do something to fill our own cups. Without you, the family unit wont run Mumma and you can’t pour from an empty cup! So put yourself first, ditch the guilt trip and let’s figure out how to juggle this gig called Motherhood and still have a life.
What you can expect from The Cold Coffee Tribe is a good hard dose of Motherhood realness. Sick of the highlight reels of social media and the game of comparison, I’ll show you the real, raw side of parenting that rarely gets shown. You’ll find simple solutions through quick blog posts and YouTube videos, helpful resources to ease the struggle and recommendations for products that will make Motherhood easier (and sometimes just a little something special for Mum ;)).
I want to encourage you to reach out, collaborate, engage and communicate within this community. Having regular feedback from you is the best way for me to adjust my approach and better support you and others like you.
To learn more about me head to my website.