Instagram accounts to follow for healthy living inspiration

5 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Healthy Living Inspiration

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When your life revolves around the kids and you’re running on 5 hours sleep (ok that’s being generous) motivation can be hard to come by, especially when that block of chocolate in the fridge is giving you ‘the eyes’.

In the era of Netflix, it can be all too easy for this ‘Mombie’ to collapse onto the couch and fill the hole of boredom with food and mindless shows. Thankfully along with Netflix came the rise of Instagram so we get a glimpse into the lives of those around us and naturally, feeling inadequate, we compare our lives to theirs (even though we KNOW we’re only seeing the highlight reel).

This can go one of two ways, we can fall further down the hole of Netflix and despair, or we can channel some of that energy into action and make a plan for positive change.

But people do respond better to authenticity, and we’re seeing a rise in honest and real accounts to follow.

Here are my tip 5 Instagrammers that I like to follow for real healthy living inspo:

1. HealthyChick101

Riley Hemson clearly doesn’t have children as she spends a lot of her time traveling the world and having a blast, I’m just a little bit jealous. But she sets realistic expectations for anyone looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle and smash some fitness goals.

Healthy Chick 101 Instagram

2. Sarahs_Day

Sarah describes herself as a ‘Holistic Health Princess’ and gives you a no-filter approach to Motherhood. She doesn’t count calories and she’s all about gut health so you know she’s my type of gal. Her feed is currently full of baby photos as she welcomes the newest addition to her family so ladies, hold onto your ovaries.

Sarahs Day Instagram

3. Bodyposipanda

Because there’s more to living a healthy lifestyle than calorie counting and cardio (yuck). This bad ass bitch will teach you to love your body and inspire you with her contagious smile and enviable style. Her feed is filled with bright and happy colours mixed in with a few hard truths.

Body Posi Panda Megan Jayne Crabbe Instagram

4. Reviejane

As a fellow Mama bear, Revie Jane is touring nationally to motivate other Mums through her training programs and meal prep tips. You can find her on Youtube or Instagram.

Revie Jane Instagram

5. Samirosefitness

Sami Rose is another woman killing it on Instagram and preaching a building strength over losing weight approach which we love! Scrolling through her feed you’ll find evidence-based advice and an honest look at Sami’s behind-the-scenes adventures.

In a nutshell, it’s all about moderation. Eat the chocolate, move your body and ditch the obligatory ‘I overindulged’ guilt because it does more harm than good.

What are your favourite Instagram accounts to follow for health and fitness inspiration? Let us know in the comments below or head over to The Cold Coffee Tribe Instagram and let’s get the conversation started.

Lea Sharp is a blogger and entrepreneur in Toowoomba, QLD. As a homeschooling Mother of 2 with a history of peri-natal depression and anxiety she is a passionate advocate of maternal mental health and seeks to bring awareness and support to Mums through The Cold Coffee Tribe parenting and lifestyle blog.

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