10 Ways to find more time in your day as a busy Mum

10 Ways to find more time in your day as a busy Mum

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Let’s be real, I can’t add extra minutes into your already jam-packed 24 hours but I can help you to minimise your responsibilities, find shortcuts in your Motherly duties and get into a routine so that you can focus on the important things in life like sipping on a wine with your feet up while watching Netflix… Or spending time with your family, whatever floats your boat.

1. Declutter

You’ve heard all the hype about decluttering but haven’t made the leap, well consider this – less junk lying around means LESS TO CLEAN. Check out The Organised Housewife for all the decluttering tips you’ll ever need.

2. Outsource

Hire a cleaner! Even if it’s once a week or once a fortnight, just to get the floors and bathroom done so you have more time for you. Here’s a brilliant article on 5 Things Busy Mums should Outsource by Motherpedia

3. Organise a support group

Other Mum’s who are in the same boat as you may be your most valuable resource! Make a Facebook group or organise with a group of friends to take turns cooking bulk meals to share and do babysitting swap days

4. Create routines

You don’t have to be a stickler for routines to benefit from having them, simply planning out your day with pen and paper (or a pretty printable copy) will take a load off your mind and help to keep things in check.

5. Meal plan

Save your sanity by mapping out at least 3-4 weeks worth of meals, I like to do theme nights to make it easier e.g Monday soup night, Tuesday red meat, Wednesday zucchini, Thursday chicken. Pinterest is great for meal ideas and recipes that are easy for hectic or lazy nights (who am I kidding, that’s every night!). Check out this Pinterest board to see what’s on our current meal plan.

6. Slow cooker

Throwing together a meal with kids at your feet after a long day of conversing with toddlers isn’t my idea of fun. I like to include as many slow cooker meals in my meal plans as I can so that every day after the morning rush is over I can throw all the ingredients in the slow cooker and just set and forget.

7. Make everything you need accessible

We use enough brain power on daily tasks as it is, make it easier for yourself and group things together. Morning smoothies? Put your protein powders and supplements next to your blender (or thermomix), line up your daily supplements, place all the necessary homework stationary in a homework caddy for stressful afternoons.

8. Organise snacks and utensils for kids

A quick search on Pinterest will find an abundance of clever hacks and ideas to make kids’ snacks, cups, plates and cutlery easy to reach to encourage independence and keep you from having to get up a thousand times to fetch food and drink for the littlies during your morning coffee.

9. Occupy the kids with no-prep fun

Podcasts for kids, no-prep activities, busy boxes are all viable alternatives for babysitters when Mummy needs time to cook, shower, clean or just hide in the cupboard for a sneaky chocolate fix.

10. Put washing on the night before

Keep on top of your never-ending washing pile by putting a load on every night before bed, that way it’s ready to hang (or throw in the dryer… guilty!) of a morning and you’ll never have to resort to your Bridget Jones style granny knickers because you’ve run out of clean undies.

What tips do you have for Mums trying to make more time in their day?

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Lea Sharp is a blogger and entrepreneur in Toowoomba, QLD. As a homeschooling Mother of 2 with a history of peri-natal depression and anxiety she is a passionate advocate of maternal mental health and seeks to bring awareness and support to Mums through The Cold Coffee Tribe parenting and lifestyle blog.

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